District Conference Fun

Here’s a glimpse for you of my life in India.

I’m home alone, working on math (the only graduation requirement I haven’t filled yet). The house is quiet. Suddenly, a noise like a motor starts up, and I jump out of my seat to go shut all of the windows in the house, because it’s the mosquito-killing stuff that they spray all through the building every week or so, and we don’t want it in the house. The sitting room window won’t shut. So I give up and run into the master bedroom, but since I’m home alone and it’s night, none of the lights are on in the house and I trip over the little step and stub my toes. I hobble to the window, close it. Then I close the windows in the other two bedrooms. I return to the sitting room and manage to shut the window halfway, but more “smoke” is pouring in through the door frame than the window, so I leave it halfway. I return to my seat.

That’s when I realize my toe is covered in blood.


Okay, so life in India isn’t all klutziness, that’s just how I am in any country. Really I should be updating you on the stuff I’ve been doing, like the District Conference this past weekend.

Day one of the district conference was weird. My club forgot to register me, so I didn’t start out with a nametag or anything (they made me one later). After I moped appropriately I was given candy and then life was better.

After registration we had Banner Presentations, where every club in the district walked across a stage holding banners about their service projects. My club, Hyderabad North, won an award for the best banner presentation with our gold dove-shaped banners and general awesomeness.

And that was the end of day one. Day two I spent most of the time talking to Thara, a former RYE student from Nebraska who was back in India for a visit, and getting to know the GSE team from California and Nevada. There’s something so exhilarating about talking to people who have the same accent as you, and you don’t have to talk slowly or enunciate carefully. I talked ’til my throat was sore!

Day three was my presentation, 10 minutes of glory for which about a third of the conference attendees showed up. I almost didn’t have a presentation at all–they couldn’t connect my laptop to the projector screens! Luckily a couple techie guys figured something out.

The second night of the conference was Erev Purim, and that’s exactly what it felt like. There was a outdoor dinner for all the conference attendees, and there were very drunk people running around and dancing to gangnam style. The only thing missing was the costumes!

Okay, well my toe is throbbing and I’m *supposed* to be working on math, so I’ll stop writing! I’m going on my North India tour in a few days, and I’ll write an update after that :)


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Hello! I'm a student of Computer Science at Knox College in Illinois. I spent a year as an exchange student in India as well as six weeks canoeing in the Arctic. I have lots of fun health problems and occasionally I will write about my life.
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