She’s not being melodramatic.

Let’s talk about Endometriosis.

Endometriosis is an extremely painful and dangerous disease affecting about 1 in 10 women. It causes extreme pain related to sex and ovulation, fatigue, infertility, and greatly impacts physical, mental, and social well-being.

According to this site, “There is no known cure and, although endometriosis can be treated effectively with drugs, most treatments are not suitable for long-term use due to side-effects. Surgery can be effective to remove endometriosis lesions and scar tissue, but success rates are dependent on the extent of disease and the surgeon’s skills.”

Yes, you read that right. There is a major disease that affects 10% of women. No one knows what causes it. No one knows how to effectively treat it. No one knows how to cure it.

Why? Because it only affects women.
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Quick RAGBRAI overview.
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Samba in the Wild

Every now and again, Samba shows up somewhere unexpected.
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Brogrammers Suck: The Adventures of a Female Computer Science Student

I wrote this paper for a class for my major using several sources as cited below. Please read and share.

Amalia Hertel 3-10-15

About two-thirds of the way through the term, my roommate, Alex Reddington, and I came into our Software Development and Professional Practice class and discovered that some of our male classmates were sitting in the seats we had consistently occupied ourselves since the first week of class. Nothing had been said. Nothing was said. We found new seats. From our first day as Computer Science students at the small liberal arts college we attend, this is how it has been: we have been silently and effectively pushed out of our seats, out of conversations, and out of the community, being quietly ostracized and ignored by the students who surround us. It is my theory that this kind of experience is what is making the numbers of female computer scientists keep dropping over time.
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The long, straight, and typically empty Iowa roads were crowded with bicycles. We took up both lanes, and anyone foolish enough to drive a car or truck into our midst found themselves moving at about 12mph (19-ish kph).

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Walter Lemon

I just wanted to share this picture:

The view; Watermelon Ride

The view; Watermelon Ride

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Take Care the Trail You Choose

In 2007, Highway 35W dropped onto the bike trail that I had used for commuting to work at the University of Minnesota.

Almost seven years later, and a little further south, that same trail was hit again.  On June 19th 2014, during a record-breaking day-long rainfall, a mudslide blocked both the bike path and the road along the west side of the Mississippi River.
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It’s Over

It’s nearly March of 2014. I’m sure you can do the math. I’m sure that you all just assumed that since I was home, I wasn’t going to write anymore. But that’s not what happened.

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Shanghai SMB3 Plugfest 2013

A Plugfest is a gathering of geeks; an opportunity for developers from different organizations to get together and throw virtual snowballs at one another’s products to see what breaks.  Plugfests are supposed to be fun, but also productive.  Participants learn new things about their own code (where it’s weak, where it’s limited), but also learn as much as they can about the competition and the underlying technology that brings them all together.
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2013 SNIA SDC Report

Storage Developers Conference 2013Once more unto the Storage Developer Conference

This was the 10th anniversary year for the SDC.  It also marked my 15th anniversary as a Samba Team member and my 16th year attending what was originally known as “the CIFS Conference”.
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