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Stuff going on in the neighborhood.

Take Care the Trail You Choose

In 2007, Highway 35W dropped onto the bike trail that I had used for commuting to work at the University of Minnesota. Almost seven years later, and a little further south, that same trail was hit again.  On June 19th … Continue reading

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There is no free parking in Minneapolis

They’re called the Twin Cities, but if they really are twins they are clearly fraternal. Saint Paul and Minneapolis share the same river, the same weather, and the same big University.  One might also mention that they share the same … Continue reading

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In the news…paper.

Amalia’s name was in the role-call in this recent Pioneer Press listing of local National Merit Scholarship semifinalists. She was one of four homeschoolers listed.

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Freedom, Democracy, and Broadband Providers

We’ve known for years that the United States is working hard to fall way behind in international broadband access rankings.  In my home state of Minnesota, we are witness to a live demonstration of the process that fuels our precipitous … Continue reading

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I Like Traffic Lights

As of Thursday, October 13th, the traffic lights in Minneapolis were still having trouble. On Sunday, Oct. 9th, a transformer blew out and brought down the computer that runs the Minneapolis traffic lights. Timers in the street kicked in to … Continue reading

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The Ride

Rachel and Aled and I rode the Saint Paul Classic this year.  Amalia was busy elsewhere, or she would have joined us as well. I try to ride the Classic every year.  It was beautiful weather this time around.

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A Firefly

I have lived in Saint Paul for almost 20 years now.  I arrived in October of 1991 (just three weeks ahead of the famous Halloween Blizzard).  In all of that time, I have never seen a firefly within the city … Continue reading

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