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What you think you won’t understand and how it can hurt you.

Brogrammers Suck: The Adventures of a Female Computer Science Student

I wrote this paper for a class for my major using several sources as cited below. Please read and share. Amalia Hertel 3-10-15 About two-thirds of the way through the term, my roommate, Alex Reddington, and I came into our … Continue reading

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Freedom, Democracy, and Broadband Providers

We’ve known for years that the United States is working hard to fall way behind in international broadband access rankings.  In my home state of Minnesota, we are witness to a live demonstration of the process that fuels our precipitous … Continue reading

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On the Brink of the Networked Society?

I came across this video via LinkedIn and TechChrunch.  It was produced by Ericsson, a company that is celebrating its 135th birthday today.

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…Now Carefully Put the Genie Back Into the Bottle

Developers at Microsoft have submitted patches to Samba. ‘Nough said.

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Closed Source, No Exceptions

The first few days of the school year are always a rush of working out schedules, buying books, buying supplies, and fielding the administrivia associated with the education system.  Annoying and difficult, particularly when there are multiple schools involved, but … Continue reading

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Freedom vs. the Patent System

Twenty years or so ago the US Patent Office would not grant patents for software, they considered source code to be in the same category as other forms of writing—like books or technical manuals—but the US Courts ruled otherwise.  As … Continue reading

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