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A.K.A. Microsoft BranchCache™.

Does This Count Against My Fifteen Minutes?

Geeks like to gather together in large groups, sort of like schools of fish or herds of four-legged grass-eating cheetah snacks. Perhaps it’s a primordial instinct. Perhaps we feel safer that way. Perhaps that’s why we go to conferences.

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2011 SNIA SDC Report: Wednesday

Wednesday was a mix.  Microsoft continued to provide SMB2.2 information, and there were also presentations by Samba members.

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2011 SNIA SDC Report: Tuesday

Today was Microsoft’s day. …but it was a good day.  Microsoft demonstrated their new SMB2.2 implementation which, despite the fact that it is very early pre-beta code, worked impressively well.

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PeerDist Protocol: Generating Content Information

There hasn’t been a lot of time to work on Prequel lately, but I stole a half an hour today and cleaned up a couple of test programs so that I could post them on the project home page.

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PeerDist Protocol: Extracting the Server Secret

The Prequel project has been occupying most of my very-limited free time over the past couple of weeks. Prequel is aimed at creating an Open Source implementation of Microsoft’s PeerDist (also known as BranchCache™) protocol. I started on this about … Continue reading

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STiB v0.2 Released

STiB is a project aimed at implementing Microsoft’s BITS Upload Protocol. The v0.2 release of STiB includes an updated stibtest program that adds minimal support for the HTTP GET command.  The key feature is that stibtest allows the user to … Continue reading

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