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Late Post

For some reason it’s really hard for me to get a post out. I think it’s because I keep wanting to write about the big things, and the big things are too big for a blog post, and I never … Continue reading

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Typing Something

Okay, I know, I’ve been back for 5 days and I’m only writing a new post now. I really did try to start one before, it just wasn’t working out. I had to think about every word before I put … Continue reading

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Today I went back to school! Well, I also went back to school last Monday, but when I arrived there on the back of my host dad’s bike, the gates were shut and locked, (yes, we get locked inside the … Continue reading

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Avinu Malkeinu vs. the Oreos

I never actually thought I would come to this, to laying curled up in my bed cradling my phone in my hand, listening to YouTube videos of Yom Kippur services and searching for one that sounded like home. Okay, the … Continue reading

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Sisters and Chai

Hi! I’ve been in India a whole week, and I just keep loving it more and more. I haven’t been able to post as soon as I’ve liked, because I am staying with the girl, Rachael, who is going to … Continue reading

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In case you didn’t get the memo, I’m in India this year! I left Monday night and arrived Wednesday morning, but about 10 hours of that was time change. My flights went well. The first one was packed full, so … Continue reading

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Tea Mugs

No secret: I like tea. I also like tea mugs. I think I own over 100 mugs, most of which hidden in the upper cupboards or in boxes in the basement. I have Doctor Who mugs, Babylon5 mugs, Samba Team … Continue reading

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