Late Post

For some reason it’s really hard for me to get a post out. I think it’s because I keep wanting to write about the big things, and the big things are too big for a blog post, and I never know where to start.

So this time I’ll write about little things.

I had a really great day yesterday. I met with my friend Meghana after the calligraphy class I started last week and we went out for lunch, then down to some jewelry shops to look for a charm for the charm bracelet I inherited from a great-grandmother, and then we stopped in this really expensive fancy hotel for some really expensive fancy coffee. Really I was just the decoy, because a bunch of cricket players were staying in the hotel that Meghana wanted to see and the hotel staff thinks she’s a stalker. So I drank coffee and took photos of cricket players that I’ve never heard of, and in return Meghana explained some of the cricket rules to me. Can you believe I’ve been in India over seven months and I still don’t understand cricket? Okay, there are a lot of things I don’t understand, like the garbage disposal system, but we won’t go into that right now.

That was an easy place to start!

Last month I was on a tour of North India, which was really fun and kind of crazy. I put to use some of the amazing skills Menogyn taught me:

1. Come prepared. I brought band-aids with me! I used most of them as my friends got blisters and hotspots from their shoes… but a good number of them went to the six open cuts on my feet and the dog bite on my thigh!

2. Safety. Menogyn taught me to trust my instincts. Pretty necessary when you’re a foreign girl walking around the streets of India! I don’t even know how many situations I just never even came across because I was playing it safe. The only downside to this skill was that I couldn’t make myself stand by as our tour guides put us in dangerous situations.

3. Sunscreen. Well, actually my mother taught me that one, but my experiences with Menogyn taught me that it was a bad idea to ignore her. Playing in snow in the Himalayas? I didn’t get sunburned!

4. Whitewater. We went rafting on the Ganges, and I can’t even explain how much I missed the thrill of going through those waves.

and 5. Relax.

Sometimes, what I needed more than to see the various sights, was to curl up in a hotel room with my friends and watch movies. It’s been pretty hard being the only exchange student in the district. Sometimes I’m grateful for it–of the students I know, I’m one of the ones who’s having the best time. But one thing I’ve really really missed is friends. Having someone with whom you can curl up on the couch and watch Dr. Who with, or sit on facebook and stalk friends with, or go to the park and climb trees with. Someone with whom you can do all those things that you’d otherwise do alone.


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Hello! I'm a student of Computer Science at Knox College in Illinois. I spent a year as an exchange student in India as well as six weeks canoeing in the Arctic. I have lots of fun health problems and occasionally I will write about my life.
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