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2011 SNIA SDC Report: Summary

The 2011 SNIA SDC: Storage Developers Circus The annual Storage Developers Conference is kind of like a five-ring circus.  There are way too many tracks to follow, all going on at once and all interesting to varying degrees to varying … Continue reading

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2011 SNIA SDC Report: Wednesday

Wednesday was a mix.  Microsoft continued to provide SMB2.2 information, and there were also presentations by Samba members.

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2011 SNIA SDC Report: Tuesday

Today was Microsoft’s day. …but it was a good day.  Microsoft demonstrated their new SMB2.2 implementation which, despite the fact that it is very early pre-beta code, worked impressively well.

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2011 SNIA SDC Report: Monday

Today, Monday, was Samba’s Day here at the Storage Developers Conference.  Tomorrow, it will be Microsoft’s turn.

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Cryptographic Hardware under Linux

The idea is fairly simple.  There are several commonly used cryptographic algorithms (with names like DES, AES, and SHA-256), most of which are designed to be easy to implement in hardware.  In other words, chips can scramble bits really well, … Continue reading

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On the way to world domination

On my way to world domination, I will inconsistently update my portion of this dismally shared blogspace when the spare time arises. There will not be much spare time to devote to this minuscule part of my master plan due … Continue reading

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The Ride

Rachel and Aled and I rode the Saint Paul Classic this year.  Amalia was busy elsewhere, or she would have joined us as well. I try to ride the Classic every year.  It was beautiful weather this time around.

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Closed Source, No Exceptions

The first few days of the school year are always a rush of working out schedules, buying books, buying supplies, and fielding the administrivia associated with the education system.  Annoying and difficult, particularly when there are multiple schools involved, but … Continue reading

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Freedom vs. the Patent System

Twenty years or so ago the US Patent Office would not grant patents for software, they considered source code to be in the same category as other forms of writing—like books or technical manuals—but the US Courts ruled otherwise.  As … Continue reading

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