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Brogrammers Suck: The Adventures of a Female Computer Science Student

I wrote this paper for a class for my major using several sources as cited below. Please read and share. Amalia Hertel 3-10-15 About two-thirds of the way through the term, my roommate, Alex Reddington, and I came into our … Continue reading

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Does This Count Against My Fifteen Minutes?

Geeks like to gather together in large groups, sort of like schools of fish or herds of four-legged grass-eating cheetah snacks. Perhaps it’s a primordial instinct. Perhaps we feel safer that way. Perhaps that’s why we go to conferences.

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jCIFS in the Wild

jCIFS Finds a Niche in the Smartphone Ecosystem If a “dog year” is equivalent to six or seven human years, then a “smartphone year” is pushing thirty.  Smartphones age quickly—faster than dogs and much faster than humans—but smartphone dotage has … Continue reading

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2011 SNIA SDC Report: Wednesday

Wednesday was a mix.  Microsoft continued to provide SMB2.2 information, and there were also presentations by Samba members.

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Cryptographic Hardware under Linux

The idea is fairly simple.  There are several commonly used cryptographic algorithms (with names like DES, AES, and SHA-256), most of which are designed to be easy to implement in hardware.  In other words, chips can scramble bits really well, … Continue reading

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Taking Charge of a Seagate FreeAgent Dockstar; Part 2

In Part 1, I went through the procedure I used to take control of a Seagate Freeagent Dockstar, most of which involved streamlining instructions from other sources. Now that the Dockstar has been tamed, it’s time to teach it to … Continue reading

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Taking Charge of a Seagate FreeAgent Dockstar; Part 1

The Seagate FreeAgent Dockstar is a small ARM-based embedded computer based on the Marvell Sheevaplug design.  It is quite easy to reflash the ROM so that it boots Linux from a USB device.  Back in December of 2010, the price … Continue reading

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