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Hello! I'm a student of Computer Science at Knox College in Illinois. I spent a year as an exchange student in India as well as six weeks canoeing in the Arctic. I have lots of fun health problems and occasionally I will write about my life.

She’s not being melodramatic.

Let’s talk about Endometriosis. Endometriosis is an extremely painful and dangerous disease affecting about 1 in 10 women. It causes extreme pain related to sex and ovulation, fatigue, infertility, and greatly impacts physical, mental, and social well-being. According to this … Continue reading

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Brogrammers Suck: The Adventures of a Female Computer Science Student

I wrote this paper for a class for my major using several sources as cited below. Please read and share. Amalia Hertel 3-10-15 About two-thirds of the way through the term, my roommate, Alex Reddington, and I came into our … Continue reading

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It’s Over

It’s nearly March of 2014. I’m sure you can do the math. I’m sure that you all just assumed that since I was home, I wasn’t going to write anymore. But that’s not what happened.

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The Honest Truth

I want to make something clear: I love India. I love the people, the culture, the country. But I don’t always like them. So for the benefit of hopeful exchange students, future travelers, and the like, I’m going to give … Continue reading

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Late Post

For some reason it’s really hard for me to get a post out. I think it’s because I keep wanting to write about the big things, and the big things are too big for a blog post, and I never … Continue reading

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District Conference Fun

Here’s a glimpse for you of my life in India. I’m home alone, working on math (the only graduation requirement I haven’t filled yet). The house is quiet. Suddenly, a noise like a motor starts up, and I jump out … Continue reading

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Typing Something

Okay, I know, I’ve been back for 5 days and I’m only writing a new post now. I really did try to start one before, it just wasn’t working out. I had to think about every word before I put … Continue reading

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So. Firstly, I refuse to apologize for not writing in a long while. And no complaining either, or I’ll do it again, and you don’t want that. Secondly, I just got back from a trip to Jodhpur and Jaipur with … Continue reading

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Well, my mind is still all bubbly with Jean Webster, so I don’t know HOW I can possibly write a serious essay, but I will do my best, though I have to say you are awfully lazy for not just … Continue reading

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Dear Blog-follower

Did you know that old books are free for e-readers? You can browse and surf through any number of classics, without spending a single dollar! I have very happily ordered lots of books, and only find myself missing the leather … Continue reading

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