Does This Count Against My Fifteen Minutes?

Geeks like to gather together in large groups, sort of like schools of fish or herds of four-legged grass-eating cheetah snacks.
Perhaps it’s a primordial instinct.
Perhaps we feel safer that way.
Perhaps that’s why we go to conferences.

The safety-in-numbers thing didn’t work for me and José last September, however.  We were captured by a stealthy predator with a video camera. Does this count against my allotted “fifteen minutes of fame”?

See Video

Yes, my hands were waving all over the place while I spoke. That’s probably primordial too.

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2 Responses to Does This Count Against My Fifteen Minutes?

  1. Amalia Amalia says:

    I tried to watch this but Hindi made more sense so I gave up.

    • Chris Chris says:

      José tends to get lost in the technical details. Good thing I’m there to bring the conversation back to the basics so that everyone can understand.

      I thought you were going to learn Telugu.