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Two-wheeled fun and adventure.


Quick RAGBRAI overview.

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The long, straight, and typically empty Iowa roads were crowded with bicycles. We took up both lanes, and anyone foolish enough to drive a car or truck into our midst found themselves moving at about 12mph (19-ish kph).

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Walter Lemon

I just wanted to share this picture:

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Take Care the Trail You Choose

In 2007, Highway 35W dropped onto the bike trail that I had used for commuting to work at the University of Minnesota. Almost seven years later, and a little further south, that same trail was hit again.  On June 19th … Continue reading

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Neopolitan:  Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate.

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The Ride

Rachel and Aled and I rode the Saint Paul Classic this year.  Amalia was busy elsewhere, or she would have joined us as well. I try to ride the Classic every year.  It was beautiful weather this time around.

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