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There is no free parking in Minneapolis

They’re called the Twin Cities, but if they really are twins they are clearly fraternal. Saint Paul and Minneapolis share the same river, the same weather, and the same big University.  One might also mention that they share the same … Continue reading

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Well, my mind is still all bubbly with Jean Webster, so I don’t know HOW I can possibly write a serious essay, but I will do my best, though I have to say you are awfully lazy for not just … Continue reading

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Dear Blog-follower

Did you know that old books are free for e-readers? You can browse and surf through any number of classics, without spending a single dollar! I have very happily ordered lots of books, and only find myself missing the leather … Continue reading

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A Knot in My Stomach the Size of a Walrus

It’s 6:06am in Minnesota right now and the observable wave of people waking up and checking Facebook has not yet begun. It wouldn’t make much difference if they were all awake now: I’ve already spoken to all the people I … Continue reading

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Today I went back to school! Well, I also went back to school last Monday, but when I arrived there on the back of my host dad’s bike, the gates were shut and locked, (yes, we get locked inside the … Continue reading

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