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*disclaimer* this is not a blog post

This is a blog post about why I am not writing a blog post. Lots of cool stuff has happened in the last few days. I even made videos of some of it which I will post on YouTube at … Continue reading

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Amalia’s Q&A Blog Post

Per the request of my aunts, I will now proceed to write a whole entire post in question-and-answer format, answering all their questions because otherwise they argue about who’s cuter. (You’re both cute). I will begin with Arzelie, M&Z: (No, … Continue reading

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Does This Count Against My Fifteen Minutes?

Geeks like to gather together in large groups, sort of like schools of fish or herds of four-legged grass-eating cheetah snacks. Perhaps it’s a primordial instinct. Perhaps we feel safer that way. Perhaps that’s why we go to conferences.

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“That’s *my* seat”

Yesterday I attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program at a nearby Government School (would be called public school in the US). When I arrived, an hour late, the program was already in full swing. It was a sort of … Continue reading

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