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Okay, I know, I’ve been back for 5 days and I’m only writing a new post now. I really did try to start one before, it just wasn’t working out. I had to think about every word before I put it down and I still didn’t like what I was getting. So I’m trying again now, minus the splitting headache I had last time, and I’m going to punch something out whether I like it or not.

Oh dear, here comes the splitting headache.

So I was supposed to tell you all about the tour of South India that I went on with the students in district 3030 (Nagpur). But there’s just too much. I mean, do I start at the beginning of the tour? Or do I start with the trip to Chennai for my host brother’s engagement that was the week before? Or do I tell you all about how I celebrated Hanukkah? But what about all the other stuff? See, I told you it was complicated.

Stupid headache.

Yeah, I went to Chennai for an engagement. I didn’t really follow much of the actual ceremony… To me it just looked like some guys chanting. Most of what I did follow was instructions: Watch this bag, fetch that bag, hold this phone, go find Appa. I’m sure that sounds to you like not-a-lot-of-fun, but it was so nice to feel actually useful. Most of the time here I just stand there and be the token white girl in photos. So running around fetch-carrying was pretty awesome. And it was Hanukkah at the same time, (which you’ll remember I wanted to tell you about too). The first three nights of Hanukkah were in Hyderabad, each one spent with a different host family. The other ones were in Chennai, but like the brilliant person that I am I didn’t remember to bring my menorah down. I still had the candles, though, and a pair of Hanukkah packages, and my family happily decorated their house with me.

-Insert mention of headache-

Then I headed off for South Tour. It was weird at first, both to see other exchange students and that they all already knew each other, but we bonded pretty quickly. It’s not hard to bond when you’re complaining about sexism together. It was really nice to finally have some company, and I miss them like crazy, but I also have decided that there are some real advantages to being the only student in your district. Namely, you don’t have to listen to anyone complain but yourself, and you have to immerse yourself in the culture much more fully in order to survive. Plus you don’t have to share your Hanukkah twizzlers.

Here’s what we did on South Tour:

-Swam in the Bay of Bengal

-Went to a tea factory

-Got sick

-Ate twizzlers

-Swam in the Arabian Sea

-Spent a night on a houseboat

-Rode elephants

That’s all I can think of right now. Wait, here’s what I didn’t do on South Tour (but other people did):

-Ate elephant poop.


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