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In the news…paper.

Amalia’s name was in the role-call in this recent Pioneer Press listing of local National Merit Scholarship semifinalists. She was one of four homeschoolers listed.

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Avinu Malkeinu vs. the Oreos

I never actually thought I would come to this, to laying curled up in my bed cradling my phone in my hand, listening to YouTube videos of Yom Kippur services and searching for one that sounded like home. Okay, the … Continue reading

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School Buses, Elephants, and Baby Showers

I would like to begin this post by saying that the plural of  “Bus” should be “Busses,” because “Buses” looks like it should be pronounced “booses,” and that’s weird. The big news this week is that I’ve started school. I … Continue reading

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The Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office and its Respective Malfunctions

I had to get up this morning and go to the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office again to try and get registered. Guess what? I didn’t get registered. Surprise surprise. Here’s the full story: At the airport, the very chatty and … Continue reading

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Sisters and Chai

Hi! I’ve been in India a whole week, and I just keep loving it more and more. I haven’t been able to post as soon as I’ve liked, because I am staying with the girl, Rachael, who is going to … Continue reading

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