Freedom, Democracy, and Broadband Providers

We’ve known for years that the United States is working hard to fall way behind in international broadband access rankings.  In my home state of Minnesota, we are witness to a live demonstration of the process that fuels our precipitous decline.  A few years back, the City of Montecello asked its incumbent telecomm provider if they would please roll out Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) service.  When the company declined, Montecello got support from its citizens to build out their own community-owned Fibre Optic Broadband network. Montecello is now being duly punished for having dared to challenge its corporate overlords.

Fortunately, Minnesota House Republican’ts are stepping up to prevent a repeat of the Monticello fiasco…by proposing to deny communities the right to make their own decisions and build and run their own infrastructure.  Minnesota State Representatives Linda Runbeck (R) and Mary Kiffmeyer (R) have given us MN HF 2695, which is short and sweet and to the point.

A bill for an act relating to telecommunications; prohibiting publicly owned broadband systems;

In other words, “A bid to protect Telco monopolies, keep prices high, and network speeds ridiculously low”.

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