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Samba in the Wild

Every now and again, Samba shows up somewhere unexpected.

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The long, straight, and typically empty Iowa roads were crowded with bicycles. We took up both lanes, and anyone foolish enough to drive a car or truck into our midst found themselves moving at about 12mph (19-ish kph).

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Shanghai SMB3 Plugfest 2013

A Plugfest is a gathering of geeks; an opportunity for developers from different organizations to get together and throw virtual snowballs at one another’s products to see what breaks.  Plugfests are supposed to be fun, but also productive.  Participants learn … Continue reading

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2013 SNIA SDC Report

Once more unto the Storage Developer Conference This was the 10th anniversary year for the SDC.  It also marked my 15th anniversary as a Samba Team member and my 16th year attending what was originally known as “the CIFS Conference”.

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Does This Count Against My Fifteen Minutes?

Geeks like to gather together in large groups, sort of like schools of fish or herds of four-legged grass-eating cheetah snacks. Perhaps it’s a primordial instinct. Perhaps we feel safer that way. Perhaps that’s why we go to conferences.

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jCIFS in the Wild

jCIFS Finds a Niche in the Smartphone Ecosystem If a “dog year” is equivalent to six or seven human years, then a “smartphone year” is pushing thirty.  Smartphones age quickly—faster than dogs and much faster than humans—but smartphone dotage has … Continue reading

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Samba in the Wild

For Samba fans who also like Japanese cuisine…

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2011 SNIA SDC Report: Summary

The 2011 SNIA SDC: Storage Developers Circus The annual Storage Developers Conference is kind of like a five-ring circus.  There are way too many tracks to follow, all going on at once and all interesting to varying degrees to varying … Continue reading

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Cryptographic Hardware under Linux

The idea is fairly simple.  There are several commonly used cryptographic algorithms (with names like DES, AES, and SHA-256), most of which are designed to be easy to implement in hardware.  In other words, chips can scramble bits really well, … Continue reading

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Closed Source, No Exceptions

The first few days of the school year are always a rush of working out schedules, buying books, buying supplies, and fielding the administrivia associated with the education system.  Annoying and difficult, particularly when there are multiple schools involved, but … Continue reading

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