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Did you know that old books are free for e-readers? You can browse and surf through any number of classics, without spending a single dollar! I have very happily ordered lots of books, and only find myself missing the leather covers and gold-edged pages, and the whispery sound they make when you turn them. At this moment I have now finished Daddy-Long-Legs and I have decided that I will write just like Jerusha Abbott, so now you will have to suffer through a very emphatic and exuberant blog post. I am only a LITTLE sorry for you.

After the election in Minnesota and its wonderful results I have been terribly happy. I just burst into tears sometimes from being so proud of my state! But it’s very difficult to celebrate here, where no one knows just what was at stake and how much it truly mattered, and I tired of trying to celebrate with the rest of the world electronically, so now I find myself with nothing at all to do.

My sister Shilpa has arrived, and she is very nice. Now of course my family must be busy, and with one daughter returned from New York for a visit and the other about to come back from University in Jaipur, there is an awful lot for them to be busy about! And so I must try to not be too much in the way and still find exciting things to do. Also I did not sleep even one wink while the election was happening because I was so worried and now I am so exhausted I only want to lay in bed and read more free books. Now isn’t that lazy of me? I will have to think of lots of active and entertaining things to do or I will become Lonely. And I have no right to be lonely at all, I’m so happy here!

It seems that after Diwali I will have to return to my last hosts, because with two daughters home there simply will not be enough room for all of us to sleep here. There life will probably be more dull, because there will be no puppy and no sisters to bring any excitement. Also that family tends to be much busier it seems, and so they aren’t able to take me out sightseeing at all. I think I will keep myself happy and healthy by spending as much time as possible with my friends and neighbors, so that I don’t go back to being as sad and lonesome and pathetic as I was when I was there before. I am quite sure that I can keep myself in good spirits by being very active and busy and away from the computer, but it will be alright if I call some of you for consolation sometimes, won’t it? Trying to have fun can be so tiring, and I shall want lots of relief from people with whom I don’t have to try because they are such fun on their own.

Diwali is on the thirteenth and I am very excited for it! I have a saree that I bought just for me all ready. It is a dark Marika-blue with gold designs and it is made out of Georgette-something-or-other which sounds splendid. My blouse has been “stitched” (they don’t seem to ever say “sewed” here. It’s very strange to adjust to!) and it fits me very nicely. In the evening we will be setting off firecrackers and so I will wear a dress instead, so that I am less likely to catch fire. It is new too–it’s a Diwali gift from my parents–and I positively love it.

Now that I have bored you by chattering about my clothes I’ll tell you of my Plan, which is to research Diwali and write an essay for you all to read. I will not make it too dull because no one likes dull essays, least of all me. Don’t you want to know all about it though? I won’t tell you ANYTHING about it now so that I don’t spoil it for you. Now that has made you quite excited to learn more, I’m sure, so now I will go and start my research right away. Goodbye!

With lots of love,



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Hello! I'm a student of Computer Science at Knox College in Illinois. I spent a year as an exchange student in India as well as six weeks canoeing in the Arctic. I have lots of fun health problems and occasionally I will write about my life.
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