School Buses, Elephants, and Baby Showers

I would like to begin this post by saying that the plural of  “Bus” should be “Busses,” because “Buses” looks like it should be pronounced “booses,” and that’s weird.

The big news this week is that I’ve started school. I also have a mosquito bite on my foot that really itches, but somehow I don’t think that will be of very much interest to anyone but me.

Schools here run more like the British system, meaning that in each school there are 4 houses, (yes, like Hogwarts), the students wear uniforms, and you choose whether you’ll be an economics student, (study math, accounting, economics), or a science student, (study biology, chemistry, physics). I’m in the best house, Williams, which is the best, and I’m a science student. I don’t think that sentence was redundant because Williams house is the best.

Here’s what I like about school: hiding my left wrist with all my bracelets behind my back whenever I’m talking to a teacher. And Williams house.

Here’s what I don’t like about school: The school bus.

Every morning the school bus picks me up at 7:15. (Except when the bus driver is sick and forgets to call and tell us). I get to school at 8:45. Every afternoon the school bus drops me back off at home at 4:45. (Except when the bus driver puts up a fuss and tries to drop me off on the main road, forever far away from my house, and I have to refuse to leave the bus until one of my parents arrives to drive me home. And except for when the bus driver doesn’t come to the bus to drive us home until an hour and a half after school has let out. And except for when we have a different bus driver who doesn’t know how to get to any of our houses and we have to sit at the front of the bus directing him. And except when… I think you get it).

Yesterday we didn’t have school because of the holiday of Ganesh Chaturthi, the birthday of the Hindu god with an elephant head.

Dude I'm a god whoa so cool

The story of Ganesh, this god, is that his head was chopped off by Shiva, another god, and his desperate mother replaced it with the head of an elephant to save his life. Pretty cool. We went out yesterday to get flowers and food for a surprise baby shower and looked at all of the clay statues of Ganesh that will be decorated and then dumped in a lake/well/river.

Speaking of Surprise Baby Showers, Indian baby showers are AWESOME. The new mother sits in a chair while all of her friends come up to her, put bangles on her wrists, feed her something sweet, smear yellow paste on her face, and whisper something nice in her ear.

Note to my friends: At some point you’ll be throwing me an Indian baby shower. Just FYI.



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